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Industry and laboratories
Listen, test, and optimize


From researching the cosmetics market to product testing

Increasingly competitive markets, the constant arrival of new products and services, and major sociological shifts in habits and attitudes have given rise to the need for tightly controlled business strategies that cover everything from identifying consumer needs to  testing the final products and services, all while making sure that employees are engaged in the constant process of optimizing your company's offer.

A research process tailored to achieving each of your objectives will ensure the tight control of your Research and Development strategy that you need.

We regularly advise clients in the industry and laboratories sector on:

  • conducting market research

  • evaluating B-to-B and B-to-C customer experience

  • preparing brand reports and measuring customer satisfaction

  • testing new products and/or services

Place your trust in us too and take advantage of our experience and expertise in your sector to let us support your projects or assist you with any other type of study you wish to conduct.


We work with Le Sphinx to recruit all of our volunteer testers and gather all of our consumer feedback. Thanks to the charm and visual appeal of our online surveys, as well as the capacity to contact hundreds of volunteers simultaneously, we have drastically reduced the amount of time spent on recruitment. Survey response times are fast and the response rate is high. Thanks to Le Sphinx, we are able to feedback results to customers within 48 hours of launching a survey.


Pascale Barlier, Director of Operations

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