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Online tool to manage your panel

Sphinx Community is an integrated solution for putting together and managing proprietary panels and virtual communities.


This solution allows for an end-to-end approach to panel surveying, from the recruitment of members to the distrubution of surveys and the processing of the data.

The solution offers the advantage of being able to communicate regularly with a panel as part of a community marketing strategy.

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Recruit your panelists

Sphinx Community allows you to put together an online panel of qualified members. Members are recruited via an online sign-up form sent by email or made available on a website.

Profile your panel

Member profiling is done using custom profiles and criteria (up to 500 different criteria to choose from), which allow for flexibility and adaptability in the panelist selection process.

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Analyze the panel

Study the main characteristics of your panelists: create an overview of the profile of your panelists to help you focus your campaigns and studies.


Manage the studies

Study A

Study B

Select the panelists


Reach your target groups with effective and relevant selection criteria: 

  • ​Activity criteria: participation record, response rate, number of requests received, etc.

  • Profile criteria: sex, age, habits, likes, etc.

Manage the survey

Sphinx Community connects to our survey tools for programming and distributing surveys to selected members. ​

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Analyze the results

You can complete the analysis phase of your study via customized dashboards in DATAVIV'.


1. Analysis

Analyze your results with multiple types of advanced statistical analysis, as well as semantic and textual analysis of open-ended questions. 

2. Report creation

Produce the results report as you analyze the data. Combine data visualization and statistical analysis to create interactive and visually attractive reports.

3. Report distribution

Share your results in different formats: export the report to PowerPoint or share a link to an interactive report that allows readers to manipulate the data to boost their engagement.

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1. Programming

Create sophisticated surveys with powerful and advanced features (skip logic, conditional questions, timestamping, automatic translation, etc.) and tailor them to your liking with total flexibility. Build several custom formats for one survey so that it can be sent via different channels: on paper, via cell phone, as a script for phone calls, etc.


2. Multichannel distribution

Use a combination of different distribution channels to collect your survey data: email, scannable paper format, offline cell phones and tablets, phone calls, SMS, etc.

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Talk to your panel

Use email outreach to promote your panel and maintain engagement among members. Personalize the member welcome page, identify them, and track their activity. 

Reward your panelists

Incentivize your panelists to respond to surveys by offering them all kinds of rewards: prize draws, discounts, products, Amazon gift cards, and more. This will majorly increase the rate and quality of the responses you receive.

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Other Sphinx tools video tutorials

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logo megamedia

Thanks to our relationship with Sphinx, we have been able to create a reliable and well-structured system for connecting to our audiencia. 

It is an intuitive piece of software that is hugely beneficial to analysis efforts. It also integrates cutting-edge tools that allow us to keep up with market developments in audience measurement.


Paulina Santos



We work with Le Sphinx to recruit all of our volunteer testers and gather all of our consumer feedback. Thanks to the charm and visual appeal of our online surveys and the contact we have with volunteers, we have cut down the time spent on recruitment. Survey response times are fast and the response rate is high. We are now able to feedback results to customers within 48 hours of launching a survey.


Pascale Berlier

Director of Operations


As fragrance specialists, it is essential for us to have a deep understanding of market tastes and trends. Thanks to DATAVIV', we are able to evaluate and share all the data collected over the years. Our teams are able to dive intuitively into the results of sensory analysis and instantly extract information on the products of interest.


Hélène Allain

Head of Sensory Analysis

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