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A solution for teaching survey and data analysis methods


Do you teach survey methods and techniques? Are you looking for a didactic and interactive solution to help put your teaching into practise?

Professional software for teachers and students


License packs tailored to the profile of your students and the objectives of the course. 

3 packs available:

  • Declic + DATAVIV': Simple online surveys and data analysis. Learn more

  • IQ  + DATAVIV': Sophisticated surveys and data analysis. Learn more

  • DATAVIV’: exclusively for quantitative and qualitative data analyis. Learn more

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Editable notes


In collaboration with teachers and researchers, Le Sphinx has developed a series of dedicated pedagogical materials for teaching research methods.


Each of the 12 classes, designed in PPT format, contains theoretical definitions, illustrated explanations and concrete examples so that students can broaden their knowledge with the help of experts.

List of classes:


  • Class 1. Structuring surveys

  • Class 2. Writing questions

  • Class 3. Image walls

  • Class 4. Sampling

  • Class 5. Data collection methods

  • Class 6. Digital surveys

  • Class 7. Quality of responses

  • Class 8. Descriptive analysis and elementary processing

  • Class 9. Cross analysis

  • Class 10. Bivariate statistical testing

  • Class 11. Text mining

  • Class 12. Introduction to multivariate analysis


Practical exercises


Since it is difficult to absorb content from theory alone, it is always necessary to support teaching with practise.

Therefore, included in each class are practical exercises based around:


  • Example surveys on various topics

  • Databases

  • Correcting exercises

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Over 30 videos explaining methods and technical functions, designed to ensure that students make optimal use of the software and can do so with full autonomy.


What our users are saying

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As a Le Sphinx tool user, every day I'm discovering new functions that help me with my research. Highlights for me would be how easy they are to learn and the huge amount of time I've saved by using the DATAVIV survey creation and data analysis environments, the latter one in particular. In a short space of time, Le Sphinx tools have become go-to tools in my teaching and research "toolbox"; they are extremely versatile and make data analysis and reporting tasks much more enjoyable and intuitive.

Market Research Professor


My experience of using DATAVIV software on the Market Research course has been excellent.

Thanks to the video tutorials, the students have been able to take advantage of all the possibilities the software has to offer. The platform has a very user-friendly, intuitive, and visual web layout, which makes it easier to conduct surveys online, process data, and prepare attractive reports, thanks to the wide range of graphs and tables available. Getting support from Le Sphinx has proved a resounding success. 


Market Research Professor

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​ I've been using Sphinx for both teaching and research for 15 years now and I am very satisfied.

The analysis and tools it offers cover everything I need for both the scientific area of my work and for practical use by students.

Marketing Professor


Le Sphinx software applied to teaching and academic research

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