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Question types

Closed-ended questions

  • Checkboxes

  • Drop-down menu

  • Image drag and drop

  • Multiple choice

  • Images

  • Chips

  • Post-it notes

  • Image ranking

  • Text ranking

  • Clickable blocks

  • Text drag and drop

Specific questions

  • Clickable images

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Upload documents

  • Address book

Ranking questions

  • Graduated scale

  • Animated cursor

  • Graphic scale

  • Numbered scale

  • Vertical graduated scale

  • Illustrated scale

  • Colored numbered scale

  • Dynamic numbered scale

Question matrices

  • Single choice tables

  • Multiple choice tables

  • Text sweep

  • Image sweep

  • Graduated scale

  • Clickable blocks

  • Free text tables

  • Line-by-line display

  • Image tables

  • Icon tables

  • Numerical tables

  • Mixed multiple choice tables

  • Time/date tables

  • Drop-down menu tables

  • Colored scale tables

  • Dynamic scale tables

Open-ended questions

  • Free text

  • Zip code

  • Digital slider

  • Date

  • Numerical

  • Email

  • Time

* All functions are available for iQ3 and Declic, except those that appear in this color, which are exclusive to iQ3.

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Editing and customization

  • Number of pages

  • Survey description

  • Page numbers

  • Date

  • References to other questions/answers

  • Alignment

  • Insert bullet points

  • Insert hyperlinks

  • Font color

  • Text background color

  • ​Define logo

  • Multilingual survey (44 languages available)

  • Automatic survey translation

  • Image and video importing

  • Allow zooming on images

  • Survey creation via mind mapping

  • Multi-form management

  • Add progress bars

  • Action buttons (display, browse, print...)

  • Background image

  • Cascading questions

  • Page transition effects

  • Random page display

  • Page display plan (condition management)

  • Responsive design

  • Responsive design (customized adaptation in mobile format)

  • Customization of form size

  • Customization of form type (web, scanner, offline, etc.)

  • Customized positioning of survey components (images, text, questions)

* All functions are available for iQ3 and Declic, except those that appear in this color, which are exclusive to iQ3.



  • Conditional question display

  • Conditional response display

  • Random order modality display

  • Multiple criteria conditions

  • Required response

  • Required response alert message

  • Resend/skip question

  • Response time limits

  • Email alert message

  • Resending with alert message

  • Turn off individualized random rotation

  • ​Score management

  • Special instructions

  • Inclusion of "other" box at the end for the option to provide an alternative response

  • Alphabetical sorting

  • Hide question from survey

  • Categorization

* All functions are available for iQ3 and Declic, except those that appear in this color, which are exclusive to iQ3.

cloud-storage (1).png

Data management

Importing and management

  • Data import in Excel format

  • Tabulated data import (.csv, .txt)

  • Qualitative field data or document import (.docx, .xtx)

  • SPSS or triple-S data import

  • Import of script data via a URL

  • Data table protection

  • Manual data entry


  • Calculation management

  • Define a scale

  • Calculate a new variable

  • Recalculate a variable

* All functions are available for iQ3 and Declic, except those that appear in this color, which are exclusive to iQ3.

analisis (3).png


Management and calculation

  • External data import: Excel, CSV, Triple S, SPSS, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms

  • Data updating: merge, add and replace

  • API data feed

  • Definition and calculation of new variables

  • Rebalancing, filtering, debugging and modification

  • Modality grouping

  • Numerical data and dates splitting into classes

  • Weighting by scales

  • Calculation of variables with script language

  • Creation of customized tables

Text analysis

  • Searchable comment browsing and word filtering

  • Morphosyntactic analysis and filtering by grammatical category

  • Identification of specific words according to context

  • Extraction of the most frequent expressions

  • Hierarchical ranking (Alceste method)

  • Creation of thematic dictionaries by lexical groupings

  • Sentiment analysis using machine learning

  • Cross-referencing of coded topics with orientation (positive, negative, neutral)

  • Import codebooks from other projects

Statistical analysis

  • Univariate analysis

  • Bivariate analysis

  • Three-dimensional analysis

  • Correspondence Factor Analysis

  • Principal Component Analysis

  • Multiple linear regression

  • K-means classification

  • Relationship plots

  • Statistical tests: Chi2, inter- and intra-analysis of variance, Fisher, correlation

Decision analysis

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Importance/value matrix

  • Tetra-class analysis (Llosa matrix)

  • Table of characteristics

  • Strengths/weaknesses matrix

  • Comparative analysis using filtered tables

  • Definition of targets and calculation of deviation

grafico-de-barras (1).png

Data visualization

Graphs and tables

  • Histograms, stacked bars

  • Lines, curves, stacked areas

  • Sectors, half sectors

  • Rings, half rings

  • Box and whisker diagram

  • Pyramid

  • Indicators

  • Bars, opposite columns

  • Word cloud

  • Semicircle

  • ​Heat map

  • Wind rose

  • Bubble and scatter plot

  • Fillable images

  • Treemap

  • Geographical maps

  • Customized sorting of data: according to values, header, combined, etc.

  • Object alignment and positioning options


  • Creation of graphic forms

  • Insertion of custom images

  • Vector image library

  • Insertion of pictograms

  • Rich text areas

  • Various infographic templates

  • Graphic design customization

  • Rotation of graphic elements

  • Automatic alignment function

interactivo (2).png


Data staging

  • Filtering a view

  • Illustration of analysis by view

  • Filtering the results from a table/chart

  • Conditional display of objects

  • Mouse-over comments

  • Filtering results from an image


  • Automatic identification of reading media (smartphone, tablet or PC), and management of responsive design

  • Multilingual management

  • Real-time updating of results

  • Construction of customized websites with links to the results

digital-marketing (2).png

Distribution and sharing

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Offline surveys on tablets and cell phones

  • Quota definition

  • Cross quotas

  • Paper-based surveys

  • Scanning of responses on paper

  • Social media

  • Embed survey into a website

  • Generate QR code

  • PDF printing

  • Multilingual survey

  • Data collection progess monitoring

  • Customization of post-survey messages

  • Management of different links for the panelist provider

  • Customized send-outs (automated, preset, by profile, etc.)

  • Password-protected survey access

  • Customization of email notifications

  • Customization of response-based email notifications

  • ​Offline data analysis

* All functions are available for iQ3 and Declic, except those that appear in this color, which are exclusive to iQ3.

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