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Customer satisfaction
Boost your brand potential

Use Le Sphinx brand image and customer satisfaction assessments to help guide your strategic decisions.

In a context of increasingly intense competition, your customers are in extremely high demand.

Understanding and managing your brand image and customer satisfaction will help you secure your market position in the long term.

Image and satisfaction reporting: an essential tool for appraising your brand and your customer capital.


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Our approach

A thorough appraisal: essential to achieving insightful results

  • Questioning the key stakeholders in your target market: gives an assessment based on a representative sample of your clientele, potential customers and former customers.

  • A mix of techniques:

    • Qualitative (e.g. focus groups) to understand the image, coverage and DNA of your brand and identify what about it attracts customers and what puts them off

    • Quantitative to measure brand satisfaction and performance according to different criteria (brand awareness and reach, offering, service, price, advertising campaigns, etc.)

  • A tried and tested methodology that uses a survey tailored to your goals/challenges:

    • Closed-ended questions for measuring performance

    • Open-ended questions for "word for word" feedback

    • Engaging, interactive format designed to achieve the highest response rates and document opinions accurately (using open- and closed-ended questions)

    • Inclusion of specific topics/items to get feedback on both your goals and your strategic operations

Personalized and focused advice

  • We offer specific recommendations based on your results and our understanding of your challenges to help guide your brand and customer satisfaction strategies.

  • For controlled management: we incorporate a barometer that allows you to monitor closely the impact of any actions implemented and see how your brand and satisfaction indicators evolve over time.

Diverse analyses to support a powerful global brand strategy

  • Comparison of your KPI scores (e.g. CSAT, repurchase intention, NPS, etc.) with the market average (benchmark)

  • Detailed breakdown of your users, potential customers and former customers, including: size and description of segments, profiles, expectations, and operational recommendations for each segment.

  • Decision support analysis: satisfaction / brand loyalty, importance / satisfaction

  • Thorough qualitative assessment of your brand to help you understand and develop and/or strengthen your USP, including: coverage, position relative to competitors, mission and values, strengths, weaknesses, and potential from a global and/or targeted perspective

  • A combination of quantitative and qualitative data analysis: numbers backed up by insights and verbatim feedback extracted from open-ended questions and the qualitative phase

Three benefits of using LE SPHINX solutions


Research techniques developed to deliver a detailed understanding of your brand and customer satisfaction

Follow-up surveys to identify trends and the impact of events


Illuminating and forward-thinking analysis to improve customer loyalty and conquer new markets




Real-time analysis

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Real-time analysis

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360-degree feedback

Online survey

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