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Banking and insurance
Listen, evaluate, and optimize to build customer loyalty


From employee satisfaction to the customer experience

The regulatory context is moving towards more flexibility and mobility for banking and insurance customers in an increasingly competitive market. Customer expectations and demands of companies in this sector are increasingly high and extend to all areas of service: information, advice, consideration of specific requirements, responsiveness... the list goes on.

With Le Sphinx you can:

  • evaluate the experience of your customers, policyholders, affiliates and employees

  • prepare brand reports and evaluate satisfaction

  • test new products or services

Evaluate your customer satisfaction

Customer service, customer satisfaction monitoring and employee engagement are the keys to consolidating your market position. . It is therefore important to measure and identify the drivers of satisfaction in order to strengthen your relationships with your customer.

Customized surveys

  • Create custom surveys bearing the company logo and corporate colors,  and send them to your customers with prefilled data such as name, age, service signed up to, etc. 

  • Reach everybody through multichannel survey distribution: on paper when they come into a branch, via email after an appointment, embedded in your website or mobile app when they log in to their account, etc.

  • Send reminders to customers who have left the survey half-finished or who haven't responded in order to maintain active communication and obtain effective and usable feedback.

  • Receive an email from respondents who give negative scores in order to zoom in on and manage unhappy customers reactively


Example customer satisfaction survey

flecha morada 2.png






Check out a customer experience infographics sample

  • Visualize your proyects in a more interactive and visual way throught infographics

  • Create customizable dashboards to display your results

  • Share your reports online or in pdf


Interactive dashboards

Bring together all the most important information for obtaining an overarching picture of satisfaction.

  • Ideal for guiding short-term actions and being more effective and responsive with decision-making

  • See and study what your customers think in real time

  • Make it interactive and segment data by sex, age, service, etc.

  • Share the results, giving different levels of access according to profile, and manage them by branch, department, location, etc.

Analyze and understand your customers

Listening to your customers is essential if you want to be able to offer them the best service. With Le Sphinx, you can analyze whether your customers are satisfied, see and understand what drives their satisfaction, and find out what they are talking about in real time. Study the results and present them in the form of interactive dashboards, reports, or infographics.  

Exportable reports

Study satisfaction in more detail and generate reports that can be exported to Office and printed.

  • Designed to guide long-term actions: strategic plans, quarterly or annual comparisons, etc.

  • Explore satisfaction more thoroughly

  • Advanced analysis: satisfaction matrices, customer breakdown, text analysis to pinpoint what is being discussed, etc. 


Interactive infographics

Share results internally and externally, and communicate the conclusions of your studies clearly and visually.

  • Convey any kind of information

  • Highlight key takeaways with images and icons

  • Easy to read and understand

  • Achieve greater impact


Beyond the indicators, we are only able to listen to customers and measure their experience thanks to the words of feedback they give us. The semantic analysis tool we built with Le Sphinx has allowed us to quantify what influences the digital experience. It is a real management tool, as it has allowed us, as part of an agile process of continuous improvement, to create a multidisciplinary group internally that is dedicated to customers and the quality of the experience that we offer. Thank you to all the team at Le Sphinx!


Customer Insight Manager at HSBC

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