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Product and service testing
Increase your chances of success

Manage product testing efficiently with Le Sphinx. Simplify and secure your approach: test, verify, validate, and optimize your projects.

Only a handful of product and service launches end up being commercial successes.

Sometimes, success boils down to a tweak in the marketing strategy.

To increase your chances of market success, it is essential that you check in regularly with your target market  throughout the development process to test, verify, validate, and optimize your product or service.


A process built to offer a clear vision and ensure the success of your concept, product or service.


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Our approach

Consumers first

Co-creation with your target consumers / testers

  • Representative sampling of your target market: creation of a panel whose size is tailored to the number of tests to be conducted and whose members are chosen on the basis of almost 500 criteria

  • Continuous dialog with consumers / testers: a panel that can be consulted at any point in the development process (about concept testing, test packaging, prototypes, you name it)

  • A "win-win" dynamic: Panelists provide Le Sphinx with prompt feedback in return for incentives (e.g. access to the online shop, exclusive information, etc.)

Toward zero risk

Ensure you're making the right decisions with tools that help get you there

  • Qualitative pre-testing phase (focus group): needs and expectations, appraisal of market supply, perception of the concept(s), understanding, attractiveness, strengths and weaknesses, evaluation of the overall product (concept, packaging, price), coherence, refinements needed

  • Measurement of target market interest: uses and attitudes, feedback on the concept(s), ranking, quantification of purchase intentions

  • In-depth study of the feedback gathered on the concept(s), product(s)/service(s): comparison of samples, comparison of averages, analysis of variance, chi-squared test, McNemar's test, word-by-word analysis of open-ended questions (to determing e.g. topic discussed, positive/negative/neutral tone of the response)

Speed and responsiveness: the keys to success on the road to development

A feedback system that allows you to monitor your project in detail

  • Initial results in record time: the response format (clickable images) ensures a high and rapid response rate (whether online, in-store, from home, etc.), delivering speedy feedback on your concept, prototype and packaging tests

  • Immediate availability of results: results monitoring and sharing via restricted-access, custom online reporting platforms allows any identified adjustments to be made swiftly (to the concept design, packaging, etc.)

  • Instantaneous analysis of consumers'/testers' verbatim feedback: automatic identification of the reasons for accepting and/or rejecting the project



Real-time analysis



Online survey



Online survey

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