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Quantitative analysis and data visualization software


An online tool that enables you to import data from your studies, analyze them, and share them in the form of interactive dashboards and reports. 

IMPORT: load data from different sources


Import external data

  • Easily import your data from different sources: XLSX, CSV, SPSS, TripleS, etc.

  • Upload data from your CRM, Google reviews and other survey tools

  • Connect via API and analyze in real time


Connected to our survey tools

  • ​DATAVIV' connects directly to our survey tools Declic and iQ so that you can manage your study from start to finish without needing to export/import, clean up data, or adjust the formats

  • Analyze results in real time to follow the development of your projects live​


ANALYZE: Explore quantitative and qualitative data


Study your data by harnessing the power of statistical analysis in a simple and intuitive interface.


  • Advanced statistical analysis: bivariate and multivariate analysis, geographic maps, ​satisfaction matrices, K-means, comparative tables, regression, AFC, ACP, etc.

  • Additional calculation options: rebalancing, weighting of variables and responses, calculation of new variables, relationship diagrams, highlighting of over- and under-represented values, etc.​


Quantitative analysis


Leverage the richness of words through lexical and semantic analysis.

  • Exploration: word clouds and comments filtered by contextual variables such as score, service, age, etc.

  • Various ways of identifying topics: manual coding and automatic dictionary coding


Qualitative analysis

COMMUNICATE: Share your results


Interactive dashboards

Display results using key indicators and a broad selection of customizable graphs.

  • Capture attention through storytelling: pop-up analysis illustrating results, automatic highlighting of important factors, etc.

  • Let readers segment and explore the results with interactive filters

  • Track results at all times with real-time updates

  • Share results according to profile and allow access to datasets based on e.g. department, service, location, etc.


Results reports

Study data more thoroughly and drill down into details.

  • Create a report that can be used to guide long-term actions: strategic plans, time-period comparisons, achieving goals, etc.

  • Dig deeper with advanced statistical analysis: satisfaction matrices, multivariate analysis, comparative tables, text analysis, etc.

  • Include more sophisticated graphs for a professional and original report

  • Export and print the report in multiple formats to share it around your company: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, OpenOffice, or CSV


Try now on your mobile device


Dynamic infographics

Share your results with your social networks or on your website via interactive infographics.


  • Fully customizable: vast library of icons and shapes, image import function, wide variety of text formats, etc.

  • Dynamic and impactful, thanks to interactive filters that bring the results to life


Watch DATAVIV' in action

mk total logo.jpg

In DATAVIV' we have found a powerful tool that has improved our research team's performance on multiple levels. The number of working hours that go into producing the different studies our agency handles has been drastically reduced by having one platform that integrates the entire process from survey design to data collection and analysis. Switching over to the system has been very smooth thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. From the customers' point of view, DATAVIV has brought a huge leap in the quality of reporting and depth of analysis, which has without a doubt led to an improvement in our competitiveness and the value of the studies we provide to our clients.

CEO, Marketing Total

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