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Research institutes
and consultancy firms

Raise your productivity


From preparing surveys to reviewing the results

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They are looking for service providers that are reliable, available, and responsive, offer compelling results, and communicate them in a clear and actionable way. You can stand out from the wide and varied competition by offering benefits such as speed, decision support tools, comprehensive analysis and data visualization.

Key to customer demands is the ability to work with a provider that offers innovative and efficient research solutions, increased productivity, and unparalleled resources (panel, custom results platform, data visualization tools, consulting services, etc.).

We regularly advise customers in research institutes and consultancy firms on:

  • optimizing their survey production processes with the help of powerful software that encompasses everything from data collection to results retrieval

  • outsourcing all or part of their research

  • conducting reliable and compelling research, and presenting the results

Place your trust in us too and take advantage of our experience and expertise in your sector to let us support your projects or assist you with any other type of study you wish to conduct.


An integrated and effective solution that encompasses all stages of your project



Experts at your disposal to help you whenever you need


The security of your customers' data combined with the Le Sphinx data protection guarantee



Customer experience



Market research


360-degree feedback

Online survey

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