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The Sphinx software range
Survey and data analysis software

With Le Sphinx, you get a wide range of products to suit any need: from more intuitive software for less experienced users, to quantitative and qualitative data analysis software. We also provide solutions that offer a variety of ways to distribute your surveys (online, via SMS, QR codes, social media, etc.) so that there is nothing to stop you reaching as many people as possible.    

Online surveys: Sphinx Declic 

  • Instant online survey creation

  • Wide variety of distribution methods

  • Speedy analysis of results

Data analysis and visualization: DATAVIV'

  • Import data from multiple sources

  • Analyze and explore data (from open- and closed-ended questions) 

  • Share password-protected reports in real time

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Surveys and analysis: Sphinx iQ 

  • Dynamic and interactive surveys

  • Various distribution channels

  • Advanced data analysis

Print survey scanning: Sphinx Scanner

  • Simplified design of adapted paper surveys

  • Enrichment and customization of surveys

  • Automatic and smart retrieval of responses

Panel management: Sphinx Community

  • Schedule surveys to be sent out regularly to a panel of partners, testers, employees, interns, customers, readers, etc.

  • Rapid distribution of online surveys to a specific group of individuals

  • Composition of a tailor-made panel

Tablet and smartphone surveys: Sphinx Mobile

  • A data collection app

  • Data can be entered online or offline

  • Centralization of data ready for use

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