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Studies and Research
 Quality data and expert analysis with Le Sphinx

Conduct your studies and research with Sphinx solutions: comprehensive, powerful and methodologically sound.

To be taken seriously, research projects and studies must be supported by scientifically sound tools and methods.

In today's world it is crucial to be able to work with solutions that are adapted to the methodological and technical needs of each study or research project.

Studies and research projects: guarantee the success of your surveys with versatile and methodologically sound solutions.


A research development solution that incorporates innovative protocols and rigorous methodologies to ensure your work is scientifically solid.

Our approach

Maximum numbers of quality responses

Solutions that elicit usable responses

  • A survey containing all the features necessary to ensuring the relevant processing of data (open- and closed-ended questions, graduated scales, numeric scales, codes, tables, flash) and the provision of honest answers.

  • Multichannel feedback collection (via the Internet, SMS, QR codes, print surveys, telephone calls) to suit the preferences of the target public and users

  • Reminder management and quota tracking with a view to ensuring responses are representative of the entire sample

Scientific survey techniques tailored to the needs of the project

Multipurpose and methodologically sound solutions

  • Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis: statistical results (indication of trends, tests of significance) are enriched by qualitative word-by-word analysis (displaying ideas in word clouds, thematic analysis, and identification of tone of discourse)

  • Application of innovative survey techniques according to your needs: e.g. cross-referencing picture walls with word clouds.

Optimized use of reliable data

  • Data processing that ensures the quality of the dataset (sampling, retrieval, identification of anomalies and irrelevant variables)

  • Effective analysis that uses scientific methods and relevant statistical tests (multivariate analysis, text analysis, etc.)

  • Contextualization and sharing of results through data visualization techniques and online publication of reports and feedback to allow for dynamic and real-time queries.

Three benefits of using LE SPHINX solutions


Innovative research protocols and methods

From multi-channel data collection through to advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis


The high standards and rigor of social sciences are the backbone of our activity



Real-time analysis



Real-time analysis


360-degree feedback

Online survey



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